Automated Time Tracking and Billing

Do you have multiple off-site employees? Are you part of the growing freelance or contingent workforce community who must prove that you are accurately tracking your labor hours? Are you working on government contracts that require timekeeping compliance?

Invoice Auto uses the latest location detection technologies that are built into all mobile devices to accurately track, report, and bill labor hours for your workforce.

The Invoice Auto application provides the following functionality:invoice-auto-woman-automatic-record-mileage

  • Automatically tracks hours spent at one or more locations
  • Records mileage between locations
  • Creates fully customizable invoices which accurately reflect those hours and mileage


How Does It Work

Most of us have used GPS technologies in applications like Waze or Google Maps. GPS works great outdoors, but it does not work as well indoors. Using additional technologies like Internet, cell towers, or wireless access points, it is possible to determine a location even within a building. Invoice Auto marries these technologies, and uses the most accurate signal for the situation to determine a very precise location.

A one-time setup of the desired locations is all that’s required. From there, the application creates an imaginary electronic fences around the locations (A Geofence in Geolocation terminology), and records each time the user passes through the fence. Once setup, no user interaction or input is required, the application takes care of recording the start time, end time, duration and even mileage between locations.



Invoice Auto does not require the user to remember to check in and out. The application automatically keeps track of all work time. There are no more discrepancies about forgetting to punch in or trying to remember how long you worked on project X on Monday when you’re filling out your timecard on Friday.

Accurate Billing

invoice-auto-mobile-track-paymentsWe want to be paid for all the time we work. Invoice Auto keeps track of every second, giving employees and consultants the confidence that they are being paid for all the time they worked, and gives employers the confidence that billed hours are accurate.

Using time and mileage information, the user can quickly and automatically generate professional and accurate invoices. These invoices can be shared with your customers or accounting departments for quick and accurate payment.


No Excuses, No Arguments! Using this automated time-tracking software, you can be completely confident that all labor hours are recorded accurately and reliably.

End disputes and accounting inquiries over billable hours and allowable charges. You’ll have the proof you need to show your accounting group or customers that you’ve charged them accurately for time and mileage.

Hold your remote employees accountable. Whether they work at one, or multiple off-site locations, you can use Invoice Auto to make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be, when they’re supposed to be there.

DCAA Compliance

Government contracts require accurate time tracking. Using Invoice Auto labor hours are accurate and verifiable.

Understand Your Workforce

Understanding a remote labor forces efforts can be difficult. Invoice Auto provides a great set of visualization tools to research and maximize your labor force. Data can also be downloaded for further analysis or for use in external accounting systems.

How to Get Started

A free 30 day trial is available on the Google Play store. After that there is a monthly subscription cost of $3.99 or $39.99 per year. To watch a video of Invoice Auto to see the benefits firsthand, go to:


Whether you’re a consultant, contractor, freelancer, small business, or enterprise, using Invoice Auto to accurately track and record your labor hours and travel expenses will fulfill your client’s needs for precise, trustworthy, complete and detailed billing. The application will allow you to present a competent and professional presence in your marketplace, differentiating you from your competitors, and eliminating the monotony of tracking and billing work hours. It will guarantee that you and your business are being paid correctly for your valuable time.

Michael Bergeron, Mike The Android Farmer

Invoice Auto



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